There are many parts of this business that I feel are handled wrong by most real estate agents. One of the more important aspects, is the emotional factor. I advise my clients and customers, to try and separate the emotional aspects of the upcoming deal and view it as totally business. Too often emotion gets into the equation on both sides of the transaction and a simple real estate deal becomes an emotional free-for-all. If the agent allows his or her emotion to enter the situation ( which I believe happens too often), the chances of purchasing what may have been your dream home, becomes an impossibly entangled situation. What complicates this situation even further, is that from this point on, you will compare every home you see to the one you dreamed of and didn't get. You don't want to ride this emotional roller coaster.

Another item that I saw lacking in most real estate transactions, was something that I refer to to as "transfer of knowledge". Buyers and sellers would blindly follow their agents recommendations throughout all stages of the listing, offer to purchase, acceptance and eventually the closing, but  have little knowledge of the upcoming legal transfer of their property. And in some cases, the agent can't explain what he/she doesn't know.

I take great pride in the fact that when my clients and customers sit down to the closing table, they have been kept well informed, had the complete process explained to them, viewed all documents and had any and all questions answered. They are fully prepared for the closing process and due to the "transfer of knowledge" have few questions during closing and the whole process goes smoothly for them. Because of my personal commitment to them, they not only consider me their personal Real Estate Broker, but would also have the confidence to refer me to their friends, relatives, neighbors, and business associates. 

Every client has a different set of needs and goals. It is my job to help you identify those goals and achieve them. If you are considering buying or selling real estate in the area, please consider me as your agent.

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