Let me take a moment to explain my course of actions, while acting as a buyers agent for a client. This may then give you a better idea if you want the services of a buyers agent, or if the buyers agent you currently have is performing their duties in a manner consistent to your needs.

1. I sit down and explain the need for a buyers agency agreement. The agreement spells out my duties to you and in turn our legal obligations to each other. I only use a limited buyers agency contract that only specifically includes homes that I show to you. If for any reason our alliance doesn't work out, you are free to find another agent.

2. I (or you, if you haven't already done so) contact a lender of your choice to get pre-approved. Now we both know exactly what amount you are able to spend on an home and don't waste valuable time looking at homes out of your reach.

3. I provide you a packet of listings in the area that you prefer. The search based on criteria that you have provided me at previous meetings and phone conversations. I do not censor any listings, you get everything in your price range so you can make the best decision for you

4. I make appointments for you to view homes chosen by you out of the provided listings. Occasionally I may add a home I have viewed previously that may fit your needs.

5. I accompany you on the walk through the home and answer any questions that you may have if I am able. If not, I will contact the listing agent later with any remaining questions and relay the answers to you. Also, as we view the home together, I will draw your attention to any problems or potential problems that I may see*. I am not an inspector, but if you feel , based on my observations, that there are too many problems with a particular home, it may save you the cost of an inspection costing $250.-$400. on a home you might have been willing to write an offer on. (*THE MAJORITY OF AGENTS WILL NOT PROVIDE THIS SERVICE)

6. Once you have found the home of your dreams, I meet you at your home to put together an offer to purchase with your terms and conditions. I will counsel you through the whole process, explaining each step as we go. You may also request that I perform a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) that will compare the home you choose to other recent sales in the area so that you can make a educated decision on your offer. You will at this time be expected to provide funds for an escrow deposit to accompany your offer. This escrow announces your good intentions and if the offer is accepted, it will be applied to your money due at closing as a credit.

7. I negotiate on your behalf with the listing agent and homeowner, in an attempt to get you the best deal possible.

8. Once we have negotiated a sale price and terms that are agreeable to all parties we schedule an inspection, which I will attend and request you attend also. When preparing the offer to purchase, I will stress the importance of this particular service. Quite often, there are problems even the homeowner is unaware of and this inspection will provide you with peace of mind. If any problems are found, you are able to request that the homeowner (a) correct the problem, or (b) provide you with funds at closing to correct the problem yourself. If the owner decides to do neither, you can withdraw from the offer to purchase with a refund of your escrow deposit or continue with the sale, "AS-IS".

9. I monitor all activity up to the closing, staying in contact with you, your lender, the title company and the listing agent. I review all documents, making sure they are correct, and keep you apprised of any problems that may surface.

10. We attend the closing, and you sit down at the closing table with full confidence that all the details have been handled and you have had an opportunity to sit down with me and go over the closing documents. Have had all of you questions answered and can't wait to move into your new home