Preparation List For Home Sellers

Well Maintained

Repair leaky taps & toilets
Tighten door & cupboard knobs
Repair cracked and gouged walls
Repair seal around tubs & sinks
Replace burned out light bulbs
Oil squeaky doors (entry & cupboard)
Paint where needed


Clean & freshen bathrooms
Clean fridge & stove
Clean furnace & water heater
Clean laundry area
Clean carpets
Clean windows in & out
Tidy personal effects

When the Door Opens

Clean & tidy entrance
Ensure doorbell is working
Is the air fresh?
Street Appeal

Trim hedges & shrubs
Keep lawns well cut & trimmed
Weed & edge gardens
Pick up litter
Clear drive & walk of snow & leaves
Repair soffits & eaves
Touch up exterior paint

When It's Shown

Try to be absent during showings**
Turn on all lights
Turn on air conditioner when warm
Open drapes during the day
Close drapes in the evening
Keep pets out of the way
Light the fireplace in winter

Give It Space

Clear halls and stairs of clutter
Store surplus furniture
Clear kitchen counter tops
Clean out closets & cupboards


First Impressions count with buyers, so a small investment of time and money can give your home an advantage over competing homes in your neighborhood.

* Please note that overall cleanliness and tidiness is an extremely important factor for most homebuyers. If your schedule is such that it's difficult to keep on top of these chores, it may be worth your while to hire a pro to assist you while you market the home.

** Buyers will feel more at ease and view your home more seriously if you can be away during showings. If you must be home when buyers view your home, please do not allow them to engage you in conversation regarding price or terms of sale. Please do not discuss your motivation with buyers that view your home. You may not always realize what's happening, buy a buyer may be gathering ammunition that can be used against you during contract negotiation. These issues are always best left to the real estate agents involved